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Join us on our adventure to explore the forgotten world of BYZANTIUM. The word conjures up images of scheming eunuchs and mad monks but it was so much more - it was the very Roman empire itself! Greek-speaking, with its capital in Constantinople, and an influence that extended from England to Ethiopia - but they still called themselves Romans. Theirs was an empire of fabulous riches and mighty epics, buried by the jealous powers of the Islamic and the Western empires. Now we will go beyond the myths to rediscover how BYZANTIUM changed the world, and why it is still important today.

"You should know that men who are sent as emissaries (presbeis) are skilful and clever, even if they pretend naivety."

Kekaumenos in Strategikon, 11th Century 

"For an embassy, a man is required who has served kings, who is bold in speaking, who has travelled widely, who has a portion of every branch of learning, who is retentive of memory and farseeing, who is tall and handsome, and if he is old and wise, that is better."

Nizam al-Mulk, 11th Century 

The Byzantine Embassy

The embassy of John the Grammarian in 829, between the Byzantine emperor Theophilos (right) and the Abbasid caliph Al-Ma'mun, from the Madrid Skylitzes


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